Instructive videos -
by ColibriHolterTM practice

Easy learning of the 24h ECG evaluation tools: Comparative Analysis of Events, Rhythmogram, Poincaré Plot, Patient Card, Report etc.


Attending physicians whose practice is 24 h Holters with the computer analysis.

Diagnostic cases
and real live movies

Our tutors share their professional experience through the unique education methodology with very illustrative interactive modules provided step-by-step professional growth for the students.


Cardiologists, intending to enhance their skills, better understand the diagnostic intricacies, spend less time for getting a proper diagnosis.

Hands-on Training Courses for interventional medical devices applications

Each participant will maneuver real medical devices inside the very authentic model of the heart made by silicone. Such approach provides maximum proximity to the real live cases in the surgical rooms.


Cardiac Surgeons and Electrophysiologists

Training Modules and Educational Materials

Our methodology and hands-on trainings are using for education in different medical centers around the world.


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